I hate this sooo much


Capture Plus: I need some tips what I should do for my ending scene and how to do that!


Your choice is wrong again. It should be

choice “Yes”{


Correct code would be
“Yes” {
Blah blah blah


Capture But what about this?


You need a matching bracket } after the transition or before the transition then after just write the rest of your script. You also have to add dialogue before a choice like it says.


Ok so at the end of the first choice “yes” it shows the second choice “no” it’s not shown at the same time


Would you like a recap of the previous story?
-Story in here-
goto this_is_an_example
goto this_is_an_example
label this_is_an_example
(Continue your story here)

I hope this helps x


TYSM! It worked!




I can’t tell whether you were talking about me or the person before but thank you anyway