I hate to admit it but... I need help

(Ok, first of all, keep in mind that I’m only gonna be on here for like an hour before I have to go) (to school)

So, I have this amazing story concept. I have worked out all the basic details of the story and now need to string it together. It has a very complex plot that I think I can tackle. Yet, it has a lot of diversity that I’ve put in there and I want to represent it correctly.
This is honestly one of my most complicated, but most amazing story ideas I’ve ever had, and I wanna see it come to life.
The story has a lot of different “lead” characters because the perspective changes a lot. But I have it shift between this mother’s perspective and her son’s perspective.
It’s kinda like a superhero story- Well, it is a superhero story.
I don’t want to give anything away right now though…

What I need help with
As good as I am with directing… I really need someone who can help me find overlays/make overlays to fit my story because I need a lot of kinda (how do I describe this) like glowing light overlays, maybe showing off some sort of magic; if that makes sense.

I need help piecing the plot together and I need someone who really knows a lot about diversity and representing it correctly. I do know how to represent certain things but I want to know how to represent them BETTER

That’s about it. I will give you guys credit in the story if you want it :grin:, I just don’t want co-authors as I want to work on this mainly by myself, but I’d be lying if I said I don’t need help.

Tell me on this post if you want to help out, and I’ll make a group chat, or just PM you. Any kind of help is needed, and any amount of help is wanted.

Thank you guys in advance! :heart: Bringing this story to life has been a dream of mine for a while… It’s really the kind of story I want to see episode create. So thank you, anyone, who is able and wanting to help.

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Also, I have to leave for school soon but if you’re interested tell me on this thread and then when I get back I’ll Pm you (and if there are more people I will make a group chat) thanks!

I can help you with overlays.

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I am willing to help you the diversity. Just don’t ask me to code.

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@Sydney_H could you please close this thread? I have found some very nice people to help me with this! :heart:

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Topic closed by OP request. :wink:

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