I have 10 readers

:muscle:Yeeyyy,now I have 11 readers,I will continue writing this story.
CHAPTER 4 COMING OUT 30.7.2018 :grin:

Please read It and tell my what you think.

  • Name : JACKPOT
  • Genre : Mystery,Action,Romantic
  • Description : Your life changes when you inherit the number one casino from your gradpnfather.Will you save a casino or will you givi it to your brother. (CC) (Choice matters) Two endings.
    Episode 4 coming out very soom.

I think almost every person on this forum helped me with this story.Thank you for that.(At the end of epsode 2 you will see credits,find your name there.



This seems interesting. Would you care for a r4r?

The cover looks amazing <3

I love that for you

Send me you story.
Read Chapter 1 of mine screenshot some scenes then I will read your story.
Please send link :relaxed:

Here is the link :slight_smile:
I will read yours after i am done reading this one story :smile:

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Here. Just like you asked. I’m a bit confused of what happened in chapter 1 tbh. I’m not saying its bad or anything.

Your story is very interesting and different. I think I l continue reading it. :grin:

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Well,It startrs with her life right now,then flashback to her old life,to the moment when her life changed,why and how.
I wanted to leave Chapter 1 “opend” with a lot of questions for you to think about.
Idk was It a good idea.But since you are confused ith Chapter 1 I guess I did good job?
But idk do you find “confusing” good or bad?

Thanks for reading my story. I honestly dont know whether to call it good or bad :sweat_smile:
Maybe good because i have so many questions?

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