I have 2 questions

  1. who can make this table transparent the chairs can go away so I have tried but I just can’t manage the background is too colorful…

  2. Does someone has the background from a bath were a character can really sit in.

thanks xxx


The bathroom is a background but the tub is an overlay


I don’t find bouth of them :sob::sob::sob::sob:



This is what you need?



but it is really a bath that i need were she can sit in xxx but is that an overlay if it is you are great ho did you do that? xxxx


I made it with Clipping Magic program.

I have this bathroom. It’s for shy people.:sweat_smile:
The toilet it’s on left side.


that’s a whole batroom, it is only the bath you see in the background and bubbles the bath is as big as the background and you can sit in it xxx


Did you made those backgrounds yourself??? And what is the exact name of that program??? xxx


I’ve been looking for them for days on Google.

Clipping Magic it’s the program.


Is that free xxx


It’s online. No, it’s not free.:sweat:


you pay for a program??? That i don’t understand, yes it works good for clearing a background but i have bought paint shop pro i used it for years and it cost 45 dollar for your whole life it is like photoshop xxx


I need it also for my job.


oh what is your job xxx