I have a big problem and I can 't solve it

I have a personage Niels on a moment he is fighting with someone and he ends up with bruises
so I type:

@NIELS changes face into Cade Bruised

at the end of the scene when everything is gone and Niels is going home I type

@NIELS changes face into Square Jaw ( his normal face)
This happends in episode 10 and is already updated.
But i started reading my story from the beginning and now he is bruised, every episode, ho do i can make that go away?


It shouldn’t literally be like that for someone who is actually reading it, it’ll be default until the changes occur, but I do understand the frustration with having it look wrong when it isn’t supposed to yet.

Here’s what I do to fix it, at the very first chapter I put in a bunch of this:

@CHAR changes whatever into whatever
@CHAR changes into CHAR_whatever

And things of that sort.

Basically, at the beginning of the first chapter, just so he appears correct to you, type in

@NIELS changes face into Square Jaw

and if you go to the next chapter, and it’s there again, (this happens to me sometimes, too) I type that same command at the beginning of that chapter.

Then as you read through, it should be fixed while you read it. The Episodes change to whatever it remembers last seeing your character in, so if your character was in a different outfit in ch 2, and then you went back to ch 1, if there isn’t a command that says to change the character into the outfit they originally were in in ch 1, they’ll still be in ch 2’s outfit.

I hope that makes sense to you. <3

That is a little difficult so if i understand i need in the beginning of every chapter putting his real face, do i have to do that in every scene too …

No! Only if it doesn’t show up correctly after that. So…my characters change clothes a lot. So I have to set the clothes at the beginning of almost every scene IF I want it to appear correct when I preview it.

A lot of the time, especially with the character hair and color and whatnot, you can change it once and it SHOULD appear correct.

I’m saying it’ll only appear correct if you preview it from before that point you corrected it every time. Try it out and see how it works for you.

Hopefully more clarity

So like, if I change a character’s hair for episode 1 because it changed in 3 and I wanted to see how it is supposed to be in 1 and NOT 3, it should appear correct in 2 but only if you previewed it from 1.

If his face is the square jaw in 1 and then bruised in 3 both of those chapters will be correct. But if you preview 3 and then it changes, and then you go back to 2, where there is no code for changing it back like in 1, then it’ll still appear incorrect.

So definitely NOT at every scene. But it’d be best probably if it was at the beginning of the first episode at least.

If that is enough to give you peace of mind that it WILL BE correct in 2, even if you don’t quite see it, THEN you could put the change at the beginning of 2.

I hope that cleared it for you, I know I’m not a word smith, XDXD

But it changes in the beginnen of the story already while the beating is in chapter 10 now he is the whole story bruised.

Yeah, it appears that way, but it isn’t that way. The previewer just remembers what it last saw. Hmm…let me try saying it differently, more specifically.

So if he is supposed to have the square jaw at the beginning, even though it is his default, type in the command at the beginning of chapter 1, like before he even comes on screen: @NIELS changes face into Square Jaw

If you play the story after saving, he should be correct up until the chapter he gets the bruised face.

BUT I’m saying if you play through chapter 10 where he gets the face and THEN you preview right after that, chapter 5, then he’ll APPEAR to have the bruised face. But he won’t have the bruised face for real. The previewer is just remembering his last appearance and hasn’t been coded and told to appear differently yet.

So a reader will see your default guy however you made him in chapter 1. Then as they read, his face will change in 10 just as you coded. But the reader can’t go back all of a sudden to chapter 5 or something and then see that he appears incorrect.

This is something that you CAN do. I’m saying once you put the code to change it to square jaw in chapter 1, even if you preview chapters 2-9 after previewing 10, his face will be correct, you just won’t see it.

It’s a way to have peace of mind. It’s what I do to have peace of mind.

even if i do set a reset story progres because for the moment i am from the beginning in every scene he appears putting him: @NIELS changes face into Square Jaw and i think that is strange because when i change a characters clothes and i only put it in the beginning of a story, they all change back in default that is why i am doing every scene now it is a lot of work xxx
Next time i use overlays
But they show up to late always pffff

I’ve noticed that too. Like I mentioned before, my characters change clothes a lot, and when I reset, their clothes will change back, but their hair won’t. That’s why you have to set it at the beginning JUST so you can see it correctly.

You shouldn’t have to do it at the beginning of every scene, though, just the beginning of the first episode (and others JUST IN CASE)

When I first noticed the clothes don’t change back from scene to scene, I set the character’s clothes from scene to scene, but if played chronologically, as a reader would do it, it was always correct. I suppose the characters themselves are a bit different.

(I don’t quite like overlays either, they aren’t quick enough for me XDXD) But it’s okay ^^

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I am doing this know i hope it helps and i hope i can stop after episode 10 x

If that gives you peace of mind, I’m glad this works for you. ^^

I also hope you end up comfortable enough to not want to put the change in every single scene or episode. I know it can be mind boggling and also uneasy to see it incorrect (even when you know it should be correct!) ^^

Happy coding <3

yes and there is also a problem if you write in the writing portal some clothes you have chosen have a total different color then it should be and in the app everyting is ok, and the speechbubbles are good in your writing portal and then on the app they are wrong, why can’t they make those two work togehter???

Man, who knows? I think the important thing is that we find ways around it and make stuff work. Maybe someone will know, though. You could post a new thread about it?

This topic’s pretty much done, if you want, you could PM me so we aren’t constantly posting when the initial problem was resolved, just to respect guidelines, you know?

i already done a FEATERE for asking that they are the same, no response…

When you have problems like that, before make any changes take a look in the app preview.
I have a lot of mistakes (different colors on pc preview, props that I can’t see) but when I preview in app everything is normal.

That is not normal you think so too? I have an i phone and an i pad if i start reading a story on iphone i have to re read it on ipad and vica versa and the account is the same???

It’s the same account.
I have had problems with props, text effect and some clothes in the desktop preview, but on the app all was correct.

strange x