I have a big problem

my writer portal says that i have to update on my iphone but i have never done that can someone explain me with schreenshot how i have to do that because i want to upload 3 chapters.


Go to Settings > General > Software Update then download the latest software. If it asks for a password, you might need to ask your parent for help.

If it wants you to update the APP, not your PHONE, then you should go to the App Store, then click on the “Updates” tab, and find Episode, and if there is a new update you should be able to click “UPDATE” next to it.

my parent lol I am 43 years old have 3 children one from 18 a girl and twin boys from 16 :joy::joy::joy:

where you first talking about the writer portal first, where do I find settings? and why do I have to download I write via google chrome?

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My bad; a lot of people on here are, like, middle schoolers!

I am talking about the Settings App on your iPhone, since you said the Writer’s Portal is telling you to update your iPhone, How about you post a photo/screenshot of the error message?

No, it says on my i phone I have tried no bu myself I cannot see how much chapters there are on my story so if someone can take a look.

this is the link the story is called Dr. Love …


I followed the link to the app and it says there are 10 published episodes. So I don’t know what your problem is exactly, but if there’s still an issue, please just take a photo or a screenshot of whatever message the Writer’s Portal is giving you, and post it on this thread.

Ok then i worked the problem out myself thanks for looking xxx i appreciate it xxx