I have a character that is Emo, can you help me?

I need se advice on how to male an Emo character.

I am not Emo and have never been,

Can you help me out with Emo culture, please???

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Pretty sure you can just have them wear a lot of black and like metal rock.

I mean, I guess it depends on what kind of emo you’re going for. There’s the basic all black wearing, sulking in a corner angst type. There’s the hipster kind who knew about EVERYTHING before it was cool and always try to one up you and be more emo than anybody else. There’s the scene kind of emo. You know the bright colored, crazy hair, always finding a way to say rawr, mixing electric colors with black. They all listen to different types of music to. You don’t have to worry too much about being offensive I think. I mean, I was considered emo back in HS (this was like 10 years ago by the way, so I’m not exactly up to date on the culture lol) but it was mostly about looking the part (I knew several emos who were VERY obsessed with their hair. Bangs were a big thing.) and listening to right bands. Most were very judgy one what kind of music and which bands you listen to. lol


I was about to write something similar but yeah,
you said it all. I was that scene kind :woman_facepalming: :grin:

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I couldn’t afford to be that scene kid and have the pretty hair (My mother would never allow it anyways :laughing: ) But I was the totally the typical one who sat in the corner with her hair in her face and lamented on how much life sucked and why all the popular kids were terrible people. It’s embarrassing looking back at it now and thinking about how I looked and acted. :laughing:

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I’m emo! And I’m emo CURRENTLY. Basically, emos LOVE music. It’s a lot about the music. They either like: the emo quartet (My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy, twenty one pilots, P!ATD), or they like harder bands like Peirce the Veil, Bring Me The Horizon, BVB… or bands like Three Days Grace, Evanescence, Shinedown or Linkin Park… Or they like bands such as Green Day or Paramore. Seriously, music plays a big role for emos.

Emos LOVE wearing band shirts, band bracelets, ripped jeans/leggings, fishnets, eyeliner and dark makeup. Some emos dye their hair bold colors. Others have their hair in the “emo fringe” but Episode only has that hairstyle for Classic characters.

Emos that listen to heavier music typically dress darker, edgier, etc, and emos that listen to lighter music… don’t.

Some emos have mental illnesses and put their sadness into the way they dress and the music they listen to. Other emos aren’t mentally ill and are happy even, they just like the style.

I’m currently emo and in HS, the kind of emos you’re describing aren’t really around anymore, that was more of the 2000s emo. I mean there’s still the basics; dark clothes, bold hairstyles, makeup… but there’s a cluster of bands emos listen to and we all have a mutual respect for those clusters. The main cluster is the “Emo Quartet” and then there’s like three more clusters.

And @Rune.episode emo is alive and well, oof, just very different XD


is it okay if I talk in private with some of you and with some that were previously emo and the one is currently emo

Yes it’s kinda embarrassing :grin: I didn’t have colorful hair, I just bought clip-ins :grin:

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My character has purple hair, she did not dye it she was born with it and got it from her mom. Doctors are “observing” her. Bc obviously that isn’t normal… So, she doesn’t have to change it.
This character is emo in her early teens, and basically when she’s older, I didn’t want her to be emo at that time, she’s supposed to become to be a Christian, so I don’t know how to do the transition from that, BC she is emo and I’m reading about the culture I was thinking of having her go like basically when she becomes a Christian have her to be like one of those Christians that go really overboard like you can’t wear red cuz that means sex or something that overboard, this is because basically as a Christian, I don’t really see much of anything in the definition of emo or being emo that basically says “Hey, you shouldn’t be Emo because you’re a Christian now.” and then have her slowly transitioning out of it as like you know she gets older and learns that maybe that was a little bit too much. I also know that basically if she does transition out of that phase, you know, the “overboard Christian phase” that she may go back into being emo and I wanted her to be you know like not emo at the Time so I guess I can just explain it off as just being the phase at the moment.

originally the backstory for her being emo was because basically I don’t know, back then I didn’t know too much about emo people so please don’t get angry at me for this, but, her dad is basically this dude who was really selfish and doesn’t care much about other people, she she’s angry at this fact and then I guess her anger kind of led her to become an emo. Now I’m kind of thinking that basically, (and some definitions I found on the urban dictionary site I’ve read) that she just became emo to show her emotions I guess.

Yeah about that no sex drugs and so on, look at this https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Straight_edge
When I was scene/emo, lots of emo/scene people were Straight edge as well, maybe you can include that :slight_smile:

Thank you, I think I will do that! :smiley:

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But remember that if you want to make her scene, it’s different than emo. Basically emo= sad and scene=happy :blush: (don’t want to offend anyone, this is how it was in my scene years)

that’s actually what I want to do originally, she wasn’t emo, after awhile I want her to be normal at one point but after a while as as I was like listening to this Gitty Happy music
I decided “Hey why not make her really perky happy?”

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Then scene will be the best choice I think :smile: if you will have any questions, feel free to PM me :slight_smile: but I’m going to sleep now (it’s 2am here) so I will probably reply to you tomorrow :blush:

thank you!!! :smiley:

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Sure, if you still need to ^-^

Thank you very much!!

Hey that’s what I wore!! Band tees and shirts with fairies on them. All from Hot Topic naturally :joy: