I have a duplicate label issue really need help

Hi, I’m new to joining the episode community & I am creating my first story, I cant start the beginning of my story because I’m having problems with the customisation part, for when readers want to choose how the character looks. I’ve had no problem with the main character but when I try to add the sister it comes up with duplicate label, I’ve tried following up on a youtube video tutorial on it, but it still doesn’t work as the colours are the same numbers but don’t change despite me changing the numbers…

I’m really struggling with this & I have tried to reach out to 2 members on instagram only to be ignored :(… please help I really wanna get this episode rolling, I’m using the ink version of episode characters as not keen on limelight.

If you are getting a duplicate label warning it means you have the same label being used twice in which case you cannot have 2 of the same labels in an episode. Did you use the same template twice? If you did delete the second template and go here: Multiple Character Customization Templates (INK & Limelight)

^^ And if you can’t figure out how to solve it on your own, send a screenshot of your script and the error.

Thank you so much this has certainly helped!!! ^^

Thank you ^^, I got help & getting my story set up :slight_smile: