I have a few questions about writing slow burn romance and enemies to lovers

as i stated in the title i have a few questions about how to go on writing slow burn romance and enemies to lovers. if any of you are willing to answer some of my questions i’d appreciate it.


Hey! I will try to answer your questions, what r they?


hi! thank you for replying so quick.

so my questions about slow burn romance and the enemies to lovers thing are what are some ways i can go about showing it in scenes? i already know that my mc and the li are going to be together eventually but they both have issues they need to resolve and in the beginning they are both put off by the other. (mc thinks li is a royal Jerk and he thinks she is too entitled and a “princess”, always getting her way. but that’s just what they see from the outside. mc is actually just playing a part to hide her real image.)

is there such a thing as taking the story too slow?

what are some clichés in the enemies to lovers’ trope i should avoid?

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often for the enemies to lovers trope, the “enemies” tend to spend a lot of time together for whatever reason your story may follow. for example, these 2 might be rivals because of drama from their past, but one of them needs to help the other with school so they dont fail, while doing so, they end up resolving issues from the past. if it’s a slow burn, there’s definitely no such thing as going too slow in my opinion ! slow burns are so heartwarming and readers love the journey, so don’t worry :)) you can let their relationship develop quickly, you can let it take longer to come together, it’s your story <3 a common cliche (that most people love so i wouldn’t say you have to avoid it) is that there’s usually a lot of sexual tension between the two. good luck!

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