I have a glitch in Limelight

So I add props to the characters, and than have to pan back and forth between two zones and the prop just disappears mid pan. Help!

Try refreshing the portal and/or updating the preview? If this persists, submit a support ticket :slightly_smiling_face:

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It’s a common LL glitch.

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I tried doing that adding them props several times but it doesn’t work. It only happens when the scene pans. I have a guy read again a bit later and since I don’t pan while he does it the prop remains visible the entire time

Yeah I’ll try it once again, but it keeps happening several times. And it’s only while I use the pan. If the camera stays still the prop is there the entire time

Did you try the solution in that link?

Yeah. I tried that even before you showed it to me, cuz I figured maybe if I add it again it won’t disappear but it still does.

Is it doing the same on your phone/tablet previewer or just the web previewer? :thinking:

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Does the same on my phone

Awh, I guess you better submit a support ticket then :slightly_frowning_face: Hope it gets solved fast x

Thanks I did today

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