I have a glitch problem (again)

Now that I have my background working My characters won’t come in front of the overlay

Is everything layered correctly?

yes even when I move my layers they still stay behind the Original background made by episode

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Which characters are suppoded to be in front of the overlay?

If I understood correctly, you have to put:

@CHAR moves to layer 2
@overlay OVERLAYNAME to layer 1

No the thing is originally a background not an overlay

Can you show me the script? Copy and paste here or take a screenshot.

I can’t understand why you put INT. COURTROOM WIDE with INT. COURTROOM WIDE. I checked and in the portal there’s no overlay for this background so you’ll have to crop it yourself or ask someone to do it. The correct script would be:


@overlay OVERLAYNAME create
@overlay OVERLAYNAME opacity 1
@overlay OVERLAYNAME shifts to …
@overlay OVERLAYNAME scales to …
@overlay OVERLAYNAME to layer 1

@RAYMOND moves to layer 2
@ESTELLE moves to layer 2

ok thank you

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This is because the overlay is built into the background and to layer the overlay, you have to use the background name as the overlay name and layer it that way. The error in her script is because it should be “at layer #” instead of “to layer #”

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