I have a little favor lol

Hello, so if you have photoshop I have a favor

I want my story title to be in neon green lol

and another one purple neon as well but the problem is

I don’t have photoshop lol so if you could make it for me, please comment down below

You dont need photoshop to do that. you can use other programs. I use Krita its free

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That’s the problem I use a device I don’t really have a laptop but I have things planned for my story

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i can try

I can make you one :slight_smile::smiley:

I can do it if no one else already is

Thank you so much.

If you don’t mind thank you love.

Thank you

I don’t understand so you want me make you or you already got one :sweat_smile:

Okay No problem

Tell me when you’re done I’m actually working on my story rn

Do you need my email?

You didn’t tell your title name? No I don’t need your email, if you aren’t active on this forum then Give me your email :slight_smile:

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The name for my story is called “Vengeance” Also, I’m active on here lol don’t worry
I also want it to be in neon purple :’) :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Thank you again! :star_struck:

Alright but like I want a neon glow effect haha