I have a MAJOR problem

I think… I’m starting to like LL more then INK!! :sob: because all day I’ve been looking at my story and getting annoyed with the fact that… INK doesn’t have many physical features and the characters wont be as unique because of the limited amount of options. Whereas LL has soooo many. Including clothes and animations. I’m afraid to say it but… I think ive turned into a LL fan :cold_sweat:

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errrr uhhhh you realize you could be a fan of BOTHHHHH styles? XDDDD IM A FAN OF BOTH!!! Especially…CLASSIC.


yeah yeah I knowww, I’m just getting frustrated with episode styles! Like I love classic, but its not really popular anymore and not read as much. Its really the style that I’d prefer to write in because its easier.

But with ink I can do art and custom poses and im more experienced with it, but again, limited physical features.

And with ll… way more clothes, animations and physical features. But i cant do art for it or custom poses, plus im not experienced with it

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Classic is my favorite style, too. :sweat_smile: But you gotta roll with the times.


Tbh, a style doesn’t really need to be popular, a style is always a style. Just because SOME people stop using classic doesn’t mean that it’s unpopular or its just lacking animations, clothing, etc. I still use ALL styles regardless of lack of items and animations, etc.

Also, i still read stories in ALL styles, and it’s still pretty cool.

Like everyone who’s an artist and uses ink only for arts which is a big popular thing, and I agree.

Everyone have their differences in their opinions, whether your not good at this style with art, coding, etc. but that’s okay, do what’s easy for you.

Yep I’ve gone to the dark side too lol since they introduced facial hair with LL so not every male looks the same I’ve been a fan.


Welcome to the dark side.


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