I have a mall template for those of you who couldn't find one

highlight a name and press control+F to change it (Daraa.Amarie helps with that part)
I hope this is useful! Don’t mind the weird names these are all background characters that I categorized…
volume music 10 0
music music_fashionedge
sound int_mall_quiet
@FA spot 0.722 100 248 AND FA faces right AND FA starts idle_shiftweight_neutral_loop
@FA moves to layer 2
@FCA spot 0.628 230 258 AND FCA faces left AND FCA starts talk_holdfist_happy_loop
@FCA moves to layer -1
@FBA spot 0.794 146 239 AND FBA faces right AND FBA starts talk_smile_happy_loop
@FBA moves to layer 0
@MA spot 0.834 64 228 in zone 5 AND MA faces left AND MA starts idle_loop_rear
@MA moves to layer 1
@MCA spot 0.565 166 260 in zone 5 AND MCA faces right AND MCA starts talk_armscrossed_condescending_loop
@MCA moves to layer 0
@MKA spot 0.526 216 263 in zone 5 AND MKA faces left AND MKA starts talk_food_hand_worried
@add Donut Chocolate Sprinkle to MKA
@MKA moves to layer -1
@MGA spot 0.769 114 234 in zone 5 AND MGA faces left AND MGA starts talk_flirt_charming
@MGA moves to layer -2
@FB spot 0.570 244 309 in zone 2 AND FB faces right AND FB starts talk_think_neutral
@FB moves to layer -3
@FGB spot 0.574 312 306 in zone 2 AND FGB faces left AND FGB starts listen_nod_happy_loop
@FGB moves to layer 4
@MAN spot 2.688 91 -918 in zone 2 AND MAN faces left AND MAN starts talk_phone_excited_loop
@MAN moves to layer 5
@FC spot 0.699 129 254 in zone 3 AND FC faces left AND FC starts talk_phone_surprised_loop
@FC moves to layer 2
@MC spot 0.688 211 247 in zone 4 AND MC faces left AND MC starts idle_shiftweight_neutral_loop
@MC moves to layer 0
@MBC spot 0.688 131 250 in zone 4 AND MBC faces right AND MBC starts sip_cup_neutral_loop
@add Cup Plastic Red to MBC
@MBC moves to layer -1
@transition fade in black
@pause for 2
@pan to zone 5 in 12
readerMessage episode.kalynn did this template.
@pause for 2
@cut to zone 1
@CHRISTINA enters from left to screen left

I love this store!

This is so helpful. Thanks

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Wow, amazing work! <3

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