I have a problem! Can you help me!


Why my cover is taking to much time in pending review!!!??? :tired_face::sob:
I published my story and there’s no cover!! I’m so confused!! :rage: can you help me :upside_down_face:


It takes a long time lately, my overlays are already in pending review for two weeks. Just try to be patient…


Oh really! It takes time then! :sweat_smile:! Thanks ! you helped :rofl::heart_eyes:


Same thing she said. It takes a long period of time…Such as backgrounds. if it says something like pending review it’s going through the second session. if it says something like review it will most likely be approved the next day.
Right @Firely_epi


Ohh okay!! I must wait then :thinking: Thank you! :blush::blush:


Most likely you will have to wait two days or so.


But I’ve been waiting like for a week! But It’s okay :hugs: I’ll be patient :relieved::pleading_face:


Lol ikr. it’s a long wait.


Yeah! :joy: right ?? :joy:


We are happy to help you love! :heart_eyes:



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