I have a Problem, Please Help

I want to make a background loop of a street, but I don’t know how to do so.

So, can anyone please help me with it.

I recommend this thread:

or just look up Joseph Evan’s video on looping a background

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Here are the video by Joseph Evans

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Ok, so I’m new to writing & when I clicked “new episode” it automatically took me to episode 2 then when I went to episode 1 it said “episode 1 is for description only” can someone tell me what that means please??

there are already some looping backgrounds integraten in episode …got to art catalogue and filter word “loop” and you will see them…for example


if you are new to coding this wil lbe easier for you I guess.

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can you make printscreen where you got this message?

Are you clicking here?

No, I didn’t I clicked the N/A & it said I couldn’t right soo I thought I had to put something different than actually starting the story…

Hey can you tell me how to use this looping background please, cause I am new.

so click what I marked instead. :wink: There you get to your episodes

this N/A is for the teaser but you cant add one to episode 1 because it is equal to the story description.

just write in your episode the name of the overlay and place your charaters to it

(strange te one I gived example before doesnt loop for me - but this one works)

&CHAR stands screen center
&CHAR faces right
@CHAR is walk_neutral_loop

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About the story the description I’m kind of stuck on how it suppose to look.
If you don’t mind could you screenshot yours, so I can have an idea on how it suppose to look? I will appreciate it. :pleading_face: :heart:

when you see the picture above - in the upper part under the name of the story click on the “more options”

There you can write the story description.

The story description is that short text which you always see after you click on cover of a story

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