I have a problem with characters changing into outfits that the reader has chosen

The bracket would be replaced by the one in my mini template :slight_smile:

Okay amazing thank you and one last question ahaha sorryyy, do I get rid of where it says gain_choose_outfit_1?

Yes :slight_smile:

ahhah thank you for your help, if I have anymore problems with this should I message you again?

You sure can! It may take me a little bit to get back to you, but my messages are always open to help :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart:

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Oh no worries about that! Thank you so much!

Hey back again so soon ahaha! I’m having an error, I’ll send over a photo.

The quotation marks that were copied over are funky. Just retype in the quotation marks and all should be good :slight_smile: Also, you’ve got 2 outfit 2 options :slight_smile:

Oh ahah thanks! I didn’t notice that but I’m still having problems, I will send the photo.
I hope this doesn’t bother you :woozy_face: But once I get it then I will learn for the future.

Delete line 6335, you have an unnecessary {

Same thing with line 6351

Omg I’m so useless ahah thank you but why am I still getting an error :woozy_face: why did episode ever think coding was a good idea ahaha.
Coding makes me look clever but yet it makes me look so dumb ahaha

Can you show me the entire game + the error message? It can either be here or in DMs :slight_smile:

Oh sure! Do you want the full episode?

That’s not necessary, only the start of the dressing game to the end of it is :slight_smile:

Oh ahahah sure!

Screen Shot 2021-03-28 at 4.32.53 pm

Ahhh, I see the issue. All you need to do is delete lines 6339 and 6354 :slight_smile:

Okay done so but then there isn’t a choice for option 3 xx