I have a problem

I have a published story and I recently realized, that it would be better if I will delete the option to name the MC. :slight_smile: I don’t want people to identify with her because of things that will happen in my story :sweat_smile: Do any of you know how this will affect the people who have already read my story? Thanks :blush:

Maybe you can make two choices for every episode(except episode one) you made at the very beginning like

Do you mind if the MC's name being changed to the name to the name I wantit to be? If you do, pls remember that I will refer to the MC as (whichever name you choose).

If you want their opinion
Then make two choices and set it to remember their choice?

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If you really want

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thanks :slight_smile: well that certainly isn’t the answer I hoped for :sweat_smile: one reviewer on IG told me that it won’t probably affect them, that only the name will change :woman_shrugging:
@SilverStar that’s a good idea but that doesn’t really solve my problem, because they can choose to keep their name :sweat_smile: and it will be definitely a lot of ifs/elses everytime someone says MC’s name

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The name will stay the same(the chosen one) for readers who already read the story. They won’t go back to the beginning.

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thanks :star_struck: so if I decide to remove it, and I will replace every [FIRSTNAME] with the name I will choose for MC, won’t it be confusing for them? You know I will refer to MC with another name they didn’t choose

So do you want to change a characters completely?

It will for sure confuse readers, so better let them know :smiley:

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I just don’t want them to have an option to name the MC :sweat_smile: Yeah it will :joy: I will probably just let them rename her and recustomize her with big warning so they won’t make her look like them

I think that’s a good idea :grin:

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Wait I just had an idea… :sweat_smile: Would it work if I will just create new MC who will look like the old MC, with the name I want and replace the old MC with her in every chapter? And never use the old MC ever again?

This might work :thinking:

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I will try it :slight_smile: Thanks so much for your help :blush:

PM me link to your story :smile:

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okay :smiley: