I have a question about copyright

Would i be able to name a story “Casper the Friendly Ghost” just because there is a film with that name but it has nothing to do with the film its just about a ghost.

I was thinking just changing the C to a K or would that still be copyrighted?

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Maybe it’s better not to use that name, cause people may think it’s the same without even reading your story…


No, there are million of names, why Casper. I would recomand picking a diffrent name, if not diffrent titel

the name is a long titel and would brek copyright,

a story can be called supernatural. because its a word, even though there is a tv show called that.

it cant be called lord of the rings, because its a lengthy titel, with words string to togheter to make a sentence.

beside do you even wanna risk it?

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It would still be classed as a person most likely. So change the name and you’ll be fine (:


@caitlindrewthis @line123462 @Mirjam98 thankyou for your input, ill probably just change his name
@Sydney_H you can close this x


Closed by OP request. :smiley: