I have a question about episode bgs

I want to know if i can change stuff or add my own stuff to and episode background?
If so, do i credit them or…?

It depends from who you got them! Most of the time they will clarify if you can make changes or not and if you need to credit them. If not clarified I highly recommend reaching out to them! When it comes to episode original bgs you can do your thing :))

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Hi, so if you mean editing existing episode backgrounds from their catalogue, yes you can! :blush: Their policy is, as far as I recall, that you cannot then share episode edited backgrounds in drives etc. But you can absolutely edit them for your own use or have them edited by another user.

If you mean ones downloaded from other people’s drives/patreons etc, then that depends on the creator’s rules. Some people are okay about them being shared. Such as Episode Life. Others, like myself, offer backgrounds for sole use of those paying for access to their drives or to those who have commissioned specific content and therefore do not permit reshares or edits to them :blush: I hope that helps.

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Thank youuu :smiley::smiley:

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