I have a question about my story

so i have published my story and i made it about one a author that has helped me with my other stories and i told her that i have published it and she said she can not find the story


Share the link?

so when i shared the link yesterday with someone on the forums because i wanted other people to read it but it didn’t show up what the link shows now

so if i want her to read this story i have to send her the link to it


With amanda.epy, I mean.

so i send her the link ? :thinking:

Yeah, this is what shows up.

That’s your story, right?

Share the same link with Amanda.

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was my cover on the story?:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

so in order for people to read this story i have to do that

You have a small cover. You don’t have a large cover.

ok thanks you very much on helping me