I have a question about race

If there is a group of white men standing in a line, and there is one black man out of the bunch, would pointing him out calling him “the black man” while talking to a friend because you didn’t know the black man’s name be considered offensive?

Just so people don’t misinterpret that, let me give you an example.

Lets say I was grouped with a black boy in class that I’ve not talked to before and don’t know the name of. Later, during recess, I’m talking to my friend and they ask me who I was grouped with. The black boy is sitting at a table with a few white dudes. So I point to that table and tell my friend that it’s that black boy whom I was grouped with.
Would it be offensive?

The same question goes for other races.

The only reason I’m asking is because I’m a POC and wouldn’t consider it offensive if it were to be said to me, but in an incident in the past, someone told me that it was offensive.


as a person of color, no i definitely don’t find this offensive. i don’t find a lot of things offensive, but i do know that other people of color, and just any other race in general may find something like this pretty rude/offensive :’)


right, okay, thank you.

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I think you should ask him what his name is instead of just calling them “the black man” if he is right there for you to ask him. Also, it’s a little rude to point. But this is just my opinion.


Oh no, that was just a scenario. I would ask their name if the situation was real, but I just gave that example for people to understand what I’m referring to. But thanks anyway.


There are a ton of characteristics people can be described by. Why not point out an article of clothing he’s wearing instead? Shirt color? Any designs on the shirt? Pants color? Brand of shoes? Shoe color? Backpack?


I personally would find it offensive because why is that the only thing you can point out when referring to me?
I personally wouldn’t refer to a white person as just a white person so I wouldn’t want anyone to refer to me as that way.

If I have on a purple shirt or a certain design on my shirt I would rather someone say

Person 1: Hey! You see that girl over there?

             Person 2: No who are you talking about?

           Person 1: I'm talking about the girl with the glasses and she got a dragon on her shirt.

That is more respectful way to describe someone.

I can’t speak for all POC though because not everyone is like that haha.


I’m half Asian and I have mixed feelings about it tbh but it varies for everyone. I personally would rather not be referred to as “the Asian one” / “the half Asian one” for example, but there would be others who wouldn’t mind it and I can see why some people would say that instead of referring to something else to identify them. It’s both an obvious and sometimes an automatic response/reaction, but I think it’s safer to choose something else to identify them with, that way you wouldn’t be offending anyone who finds it offensive to be identified solely based on racial appearance.


I’m white, so I don’t have much say when it comes to identifying race. I’m a palm colored person… mayo colored, if you will… but I’ve found over the years that if you’re first instinct to describe someone is their race… we’ve got an issue lol.

A lot of my friends and extended family who are BIPOC find that if you can only describe someone through race, you really need to learn other ways. Clothing is a wonderful way to describe someone; same can be said for hairstyles and general body poses. If it’s someone at a lunch table, describe their lunch.

Idk, I’d say to exhaust other ways of singling someone out before including race. Again, I’m white… but this is what i’ve been told by BIPOC.


Thank you all for your input. I was in the 3rd grade when I said that to someone, and the memory came to me the other day. Thinking about it made me feel like it was offensive, but I just wanted to clarify. So thank you.

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No problem!

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