I have a question about the speech bubbles

So i saw on different stories that they make the characters talk whithout the name of the character and I want to know how i can do it?
I know about the narrator text but I want it to look as if the character is speaking!
Thank you in advance!

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Just write:

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I know that but I saw speech bubbles with the tail pointed at the character but without a name i don’t know how to explain this better…

Oh? That’s the narrator bubble.

Just write:

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This is what I mean… shoutout to epi.shan tho

Oh!!! Just use a script name when creating the character, but leave the display name blank.

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I’ll try! Thank you so much! And sorry for not knowing how to explain haha. Have a good day! Thank you so much!

No, it’s fine, really! You’re welcome.

Moved to Creator’s Corner since it’s a scripting question. Solved and closed. :smiley: