I have a question can i publish episode 1


Hi everyone, my name is diya. i have a question to ask is must to publish 3 episode? i have finish first episode and i am working on episode, can i publish episode 1 without 2n3? thanks


Hi and no I don’t think it’s possible :slight_smile:




You can!

You create the other two episodes but leave them with the INT. BLACK - DAY bit and you can publish it that way.

Just put in the title something like this TITLE {Episode 1 Only!} to let readers know so they don’t waste their passes on empty episodes :slight_smile:


thank you that is helpful :kissing_heart:



still not working this what is say

You Can’t Publish Yet

Episodes 2 and 3 need at least 400 lines of text.


You could add 400 lines of nonsense to episodes 2 and 3 then lock them with a password, but it’s not recommended. Your story might actually get taken down because publishing with fewer than 3 unlocked chapters is against the guidelines. So it’s possible in a way, but definitely not allowed.


Hahaha seriously


Yeah. It’s a weird policy, but you’re likely to get more reads if you publish episodes in batches anyway. I think part of it is that Episode wants the money from people using passes.


What if you copy and paste your first episode into episode 2 and 3?


Or maybe I can start fresh :joy::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


I understand


The 3 episode minimum I think is to prevent spam/floods of incomplete stories.


That’s what I thought about it. :heart:



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Thanks :wink:

One chapter publish