I have a question for my story

Alright so i need some answers.
What could be the reason(s) for the MC to hate the LI. I need a proper explanation that makes sense.

Thanks in advance!



What u means MC hate LL?

MC to hate the love interest or the main male character

I don’t understand what u mean sorry :frowning:

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Do you mean something the LI did or just from the start?

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Maybe they have a past history where the LI was mean to the MC and the MC still remembers that. There could be a family feud like romeo and juliet and at first they genuinely believe the other is a bad person.

The LI could be initially annoying. Maybe their personalities don’t mix well? ie. MC is shy and sensitive and LI is blunt and straightforward with his/her thoughts and has no filter.

Just a few thing off the top of my head, hope I understood you correctly! :blob_hearts:

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Its alright, im trying to say that i need a few reasons why the main character should hate the love interest. If you get me, sorry about the wording. :heart:

From the start

Yes! Thank you for the great ideas :two_hearts:

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