I have a question for past choices

I create a past choice already, but can I reuse the past choice I already create in different and new story? If so how because I already try to search it up .

In a new story? No. But you can in a new episode/chapter if that’s what you mean. You can use past choices as many times as you need too :slight_smile:

Yes that what I somewhat meant, but I mean This person choose soso , and since this person choice this from previous choice it will effect you later on.

What method are you using? Naming choices or gains? They both work in the same way just worded differently. I personally use gains. You just have to remember what would happen if they picked a certain choice

I’m using if/else/elif , but I want to know how to reuse the if/else/elif again when the reader choice it. That it may effect them in a way, How to I restructure that ?

You would use the same method that you used before. You can use it as many times you want. Are you using the
choice (choice name)
Method or the gain method?

Choice Name & Option Method

So you would just use the same method to remember that specific choice. Dara has explained it in her thread -

I know that already lol. I meant for example I chose donut. In a couple of scene later what you chose donut instead of spaghetti since you choice that soso scene this will effect. Another past choice since this effect from later on scene now this effect like same past choice for going on scene.

Do you get what I’m saying lol if not that okay.

she’s correct. you’d use the if/elif/else method

I know that lol, but I wasn’t asking that. I was asking how to use if/else/elif over again with the same choices.
Meaning I got two choices 1. is cat 2. is dog.
if choice dog this scene soso
else choice cat this scene soso

later now it will effect you. Since you choice soso.
So three or more stuff happen to you since you choose that

You get what I mean or na lol

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