I have a question for props?

Is it possible to make a prop appear at a certain time.

@speechbubble is 86 264 to 79% with tail_top_right
CLAUDIA (talk_handsonhips_neutral_rear)

@add Medical Chart Folder to EMMILY

@VALENTINE is talk_sit_deny_neutral AND EMMILY faces left AND EMMILY is yawn_bored THEN EMMILY is dustoff_neutral_loop AND EMMILY is read_paper_neutral

@speechbubble is 213 272 to 79% with tail_top_right
VALENTINE (talk_sit_deny_neutral)
It was self defense though.

I want to make it appear after dustloop is it possible ?

You have two commands at once. Dustoff and read paper. Are you sure they both are visible?

I’d say that after dustoff you put a pause then add the prop and only then you use animation read paper.

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Yes. They both happen at the same time So the last two action I should make it two separate lines ?

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Yes, once the dustoff animation is done then add prop and then read animation,

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