I have a question? pls help me with my writing!

Hey guys!

I’m only gonna be on here for one second since i have I question about my story i’m writing rn. So, I know that when your writing a story on episode instead of saying ‘Instagram’ or ‘Youtube’ you would say ‘EpiGram’ or ‘EpiTube’

SO N E WAYSSSSS i wanted to talk about COVID-19 in my story, would i be allowed to do that? does anyone know? if not, do you think that i should just call it a paramedic to be on the safe side?

thank uu sm ! love uu all, as always :white_heart: :))

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I don’t think there is a problem with using the word corona or covid 19. You only need to change brands😄

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thank uu sm !! :))

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