I have a question regarding to trailers for episode!

I have an upcoming story I want to publish soon but for this story I want to do a trailer! Who knows how to do trailers for episode stories??

I have the same question. I’m guessing that they use some sort of free filming/editing software.


Way back when I first started writing on Episode I used to make a video of my screen while playing through the Episode(s) I wanted to be in the trailer. With the navigation buttons you can get the buttons on the side to disappear and just play through it as a normale reader would.

I had downloaded an app to make video edits in and just got to work in there. I don’t remember which one it was. Maybe InShot or something like that? A free app, that’s for sure. So there would be a watermark on the bottom corner somewhere, but at least I would have a cool trailer. :yum:

Hope this helps!
Trisha G.


Thank you!

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