I have a quick question for choices


What you going to do?

choice (ACTION)
“Will you punch?” {

} “Will you scream?” {


if (ACTION is “punch”) {

[scene choice here]

} elif (ACTION is “scream”) {

[scene choice here]

My question is I put “action is punch” or “action is will you punch?”


It must be exactly what you type as the choice, including any capital letters and punctuation. :slight_smile:


Oh okay thank love :100::purple_heart:


I think u need to use gains …
“Will you punch?”
gain punch
} “Will u scream”
gain scream
And then if and else

if(ACTION is punch) { scence
} else {
I think :no_mouth:


Both methods are fine to use for remembering past choices (gains which you are using and the choice name and option method which they are deciding to use) :smile:

@ tida20 , usually if all you have is two options for a choice then for remembering them, the last one should always be else.

So, using your example:

if (ACTION is “Will you punch?”) {

[scene Will you punch? choice here]

} else {

[scene for Will you scream? choice here]



:joy: haha I didn’t know that before :no_mouth: hehe thank u :upside_down_face:



Topic closed by OP request. :smiley: