I have a really strange question?

Can someone make from mine photo an outline and coloring it really beautiful with some glitter in the face and sparkling eyes so like I see so much on Instagram?

You can all do it who wants make it a sort of competition maybe?

Here is my photo.

thanks xxx


that was before I became sick no I am 40 kg more :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:
I am looking for this style:


The way it is done, so real …with that white on the nose and those glitters under the eyes and the colour changing on the lips … i think it is really an art work. xxx

thanks girl xxx

Can I try as well

Everyone can the much the better xxx

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I can try too!

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Eeveyone can try xxxx

i like it but it was not really what i had in mind, but i will post it on Ig and credit you xxx

Look at instagram, already done xxxx