I have a rotation problem in my script

That’s because shifts needs to be first then the rotation should be right UNDER it.
So shift in the first line and rotation in the next line.
Do not separate it or it will go all over the place.
Also put it at an anchor point 0.5 0.5.

it didn’t work…

i tried that too… it still didn’t work i don’t know where i am going wrong!

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What do you mean it didn’t work? What’s the issue?

it’s still doesn’t look like it’s normal, it flies all the way from somewhere then it goes where i wanted it

You have to change its starting shifts because it’s starting in a weird spot. I realized after testing it out.

What should i change?

Ugh… my powers out right now so I can’t do this on a computer but this is as good as I can get it right now. With this you’ll just have to tweak the shifts code. There’s two, the starting point and then the one when it rotates.

&zoom on 0 169 to 139% in 0
&overlay 5107968424804352_EVAN CHAP 1 POSE1 shifts to -17 34 in zone 1
&overlay 5107968424804352_EVAN CHAP 1 POSE1 scales to 0.436 0.436
&overlay EVAN CHAP 1 POSE1 to layer 1
&overlay 5107968424804352_EVAN CHAP 1 POSE2 shifts to -17 34 in zone 1
&overlay 5107968424804352_EVAN CHAP 1 POSE2 scales to 0.436 0.436
&overlay 5107968424804352_JACKET HAND GUN shifts to 121 241 in zone 1
&overlay 5107968424804352_JACKET HAND GUN scales to 0.467 0.467
&overlay JACKET HAND GUN to layer 0
&overlay EVAN CHAP 1 POSE2 opacity 0 in 0
&overlay JACKET HAND GUN rotates 100 anchor point 0.5 0.5 in 0
@pause for 4
&overlay JACKET HAND GUN rotates 0 anchor point 0.5 0.5 in 1
&overlay 5107968424804352_JACKET HAND GUN shifts to 142 277 in zone 1 in 1

Okay, so I uploaded these overlays to my portal and played around a bit. And… I think I kinda cracked it! The issue is the anchor point… I think it looks like this because your x and y coordinates of the anchor point are not the same (0.5 and 1). I played around and figured out that the anchor point 0.4 0.4 is perfect for this overlay, because it’s the elbow and that way it looks most naturally.


My power’s going to be out for awhile because I’m kind of in a hurricane right now lol so I can’t really do much because I don’t like coding on other devices but I think Martini_98 can likely help you to get it to work and look properly. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I used your code and it worked , thank u

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thank u

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