I have a simple script template request. Please help! *Credit Shall Be Given*


Hi! Can someone make me an ink script template. I would like it to be this background with some background characters. Perhaps two people walking down the sidewalk, some characters talking in a small group, then exiting. Anything that isn’t just some potato people standing still and smiling or talking! Thanks!


Hi @Dahlia_Blossom, I can help you with this. Can you just tell me where you want your main characters to be for this scene? Do you want 1-2 main characters entering from the left side of the street to the right, and then have them talk there? Or should it just pan from left to right (with background people in zone 1 and 2 as you pan) and your main characters are already standing on the right?


Hey @Janeger
Sorry for taking long to reply. I actually have 3 main characters. I’d like the first two main characters to already be standing somewhere on the sidewalk. Then I’d like the readers mc to enter and greet them. If you can, I’d like you to name the background characters BGF1, BGF2, BGF3, etc for females, and BGM1, BGM2, BGM3, etc for males. I’d like some random background characters to be walking down the sidewalk behind the characters as the readers mc greets the other main characters. Also, some other characters to the far left talking in a small group would be great. I’m going to turn the lamps into overlays, so please no MAIN characters directly behind them, but background characters can. Also, I’d like the main characters to be standing near the right side of the background, and then the readers mc joins them. Lastly, I’d love the camera to start zoomed reset, then slowly zoom on the area of the main characters as the mc walks to them from off screen on the right side. If that makes sense… lol
Also Tysm like you have no clueeeee


@zoom reset
@YOU spot 0.236 -17 440 AND YOU moves to layer -1

@MC1 spot 0.713 174 170 in zone 2 AND MC1 faces right AND MC1 moves to layer 3
@MC2 spot 0.713 267 175 in zone 2 AND MC2 faces left AND MC2 moves to layer 3

@BGM1 spot 0.145 44 438 AND BGM1 faces right AND BGM1 moves to layer -2 AND BGM1 starts nod_loop
@BGM2 spot 0.145 56 440 AND BGM2 faces right AND BGM2 moves to layer -2 AND BGM2 starts idle
@BGF1 spot 0.145 70 441 AND BGF1 faces right AND BGF1 moves to layer -2 AND BGF1 starts talk_arms_crossed_loop
@BGM3 spot 0.145 86 438 AND BGM3 faces left AND BGM3 moves to layer -2 AND BGM3 starts listen
@BGM4 spot 0.145 96 440 AND BGM4 faces left AND BGM4 moves to layer -2 AND BGM4 starts idle_smoking

@BGF2 spot 0.268 151 396 AND BGF2 faces right AND BGF2 moves to layer -2 AND BGF2 starts talk_excited AND BGF1 starts talk_handsonhips AND BGM1 starts flirt_fingersnap
@BGF3 spot 0.268 178 396 AND BGF3 faces left AND BGF3 moves to layer -2 AND BGF3 starts laugh_chuckle AND BGM4 starts eyeroll AND BGM2 starts nod_loop AND BGM3 starts listen

@BGF4 spot 0.364 35 332 in zone 2 AND BGF4 faces right AND BGF4 moves to layer -2
@BGF5 spot 0.364 72 332 in zone 2 AND BGF5 faces left AND BGF5 moves to layer -2
&BGF4 starts talk_arms_crossed_loop
&BGF5 starts shiftweight

@BGM5 spot 0.236 -17 440 AND BGM5 moves to layer 2
@BGM5 walks to spot 0.393 136 320 in 4 AND BGF2 starts talk_gossip THEN BGM5 starts talk_phone_neutral_loop AND BGF3 starts listen

@zoom reset
@cut to zone 1
@YOU walks to spot 0.677 270 204 in 10

&BGF4 is shiftweight AND BGF2 is talk_gossip THEN BGF3 is talk_gesture AND BGF2 is listen

&YOU walks to spot 0.713 104 164 in zone 2 in 3 THEN YOU faces right THEN YOU moves to layer 3
&BGF4 is laugh_giggle AND BGF2 is laugh_guffaw
&MC1 starts talk_flirt AND MC2 starts laugh_chuckle

@pan to zone 2 in 4

&BGM5 walks to spot 0.677 368 188 in 5

&BGF4 starts talk_angry_accuse
&BGF5 starts idle_awkward

&MC1 starts talk_gossip AND MC2 starts flirt_shy

@speechbubble reset

    YOU (talk_greet)
Hey guys!

&zoom on 550 80 to 141% in 15

&BGF4 starts talk_sad_clutch_loop
&BGF5 starts eyeroll

&MC1 faces left AND MC1 is startled_surprised

    MC2 (talk_excited)
Hey, you! What are you doing here?    

@BGF6 spot 0.677 368 188 AND BGF6 moves to layer 2
&BGF6 walks to spot 0.528 -34 278 in 4 AND BGF6 does it while walk_talk_phone

&MC1 is idle_happy

&BGF7 spot 0.347 -7 336 AND BGF7 moves to layer -2
&BGF8 spot 0.347 -36 336 AND BGF8 moves to layer -2

    YOU (talk_happy_smile)
I was in the neighborhood! What are you two doing here...
    YOU (think)

&BGF4 starts talk_angry_accuse AND BGF5 starts mortified THEN BGF4 walks to spot 0.364 -20 332 in 2
&BGF5 starts deepbreath

&MC2 is idle_awkward

    MC1 (talk_afraid)
Oh, uh...
We didn't plan this.
    MC1 (talk_awkward)
We just... ran into each other.

&BGF5 walks to spot 0.535 352 239 in 5 AND BGF5 does it while walk_sad

    YOU (talk_handsonhips)
Well, anyway, can I join you?

&BGF8 walks to spot 0.347 26 336 in 3 AND BGF7 walks to spot 0.347 55 343 in 3 THEN BGF7 faces left AND BGF8 starts talk_gossip AND BGF7 starts shiftweight

    MC2 (talk_excited)
Of course you can!
    MC1 (talk_gesture)
We were just heading to the bar down the street.
    MC1 (talk_arms_crossed)
Are you in?    

&BGF8 walks to spot 0.551 261 201 in 5 AND BGF7 walks to spot 0.551 298 207 in 5 THEN BGF8 walks to spot 0.551 364 191 in 2 AND BGF7 walks to spot 0.551 368 213 in 2

    YOU (talk_happy_agree)
You know it!


I just have to say… OMG THANKS SO MUCH!


No problem! I hope it works for you. Let me know if anything needs to be fixed!



Ok so I have a noob question…
Is int campus bar night the background that is in the post? Because I found it on google and I don’t know if it’s a real background. Also, did you make this yourself, or was it Premade? Just wondering who to give credit to…


Also, how many background characters of each gender are there? (Not counting mcs)


I believe 8 female, 5 male. You can check though by running it and having Episode create randomized characters for you.


Ok, thanks so so so so so so so so so much bye.


I made this whole thing myself. And the picture you attached is the exact same background that Episode already has called “EXT. CAMPUS BAR OL - NIGHT”


Ok great! So I don’t have to turn them into overlays… lol tysm again


Haha yeah it’s much easier. No problem!


How should i credit you? (I was just gonna use readerMessage) Is credit needed anyway?

  1. Credit is needed.

  2. Usually people put credits at the end of the story, for example:

     Credits to: @Anna for the desk overlay,
    @Janeger for the street background script template,
    @Lily for the cover art

Like that ^^


Ok, great!


I know its a little late now, but could you change one simple thing for me?


Just saw this-- if you still would like me to, I can change something.


I absolutely love your script templates! If you could give it a try, that’d be great!


I already have a an overlay for it… (The card shelf)