I have a small problem... (URGENT)

So I just started doing R4R with a couple of people and they usually tell me to fix my grammar and add punctuation to my story. I have 11 episodes currently, and at the moment, episode 5 is when I started to fix my grammars.

If I go back to episode 1-4 to fix grammars, do readers have to read the whole story again or something? I’ve heard that they have to re-read 1 chapter but I’m not too sure.

Whenever you edit a chapter, it gives the reader a credit for that episode chapter.
I’m pretty sure that it’ll only bring them back one chapter.
If they are about to read chapter six, but you edit five.
They’ll go back to five.
If they are about to read chapter eight, but you edit seven.
They’ll go back to seven.

BUT, i’m not 100% sure.

So, if the reader is currently at chapter 8 and I edit chapter 2, will they go back to chapter 2 or go back one which is 7?

I’m pretty sure they will be taken back to episode 7.
If they wish to re-watch your whole episode, they’ll have to replay it.

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Or, if they are currently reading 8, and 8 gets edited.
They’ll re-read 8.

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Okay, thank you :slight_smile:

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But, don’t take my word.
It’s just what i’ve seen.
The New Girl had edits added to all her chapters for a new splash.
Yet, I only got credited for the chapter I was previously on.