I have a special request...great challenge for background makers!

I need a background the one you see in films where the suspects of crimes are on a line with a number.
this has to be in the middle of the background and seeing by glass.
The rest of the background needs to be a police departement.
So infact i need a background with a window that is transparant were i can put my suspects.
And the rest normal were i can put my officers and victims to identify the suspects, i don’t know if you know what i mean, but this would be a great background if someone is willing to make it of course. And off course your’re name will be on the cover.

thanks in advance


something like that?

yes but the mirror smaller …so there could me more people at the side, but in episode style of course x

i see. unfortunately i don’t know how to do in ep style :no_mouth:

sorry :sweat_smile:

you can try your style maybe it will work, there is perhaps another photo on google to find like that? x

I think i can change it later to episode style, i have seen the new tutorial of joseph evans. But I need a clear background, now real humans on it. x

i’ll try on my way, i’ll send to you when it’s finished :wink:

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thank you x