I have a story, but I don't thinks it's good enough?

Does anyone have ideas for my story that I’m going to write?

Genre: Drama and Romance


Please give more details :sweat_smile:
What would you like to write? It will take long so it has to be something that you want not something others will choose

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My first ideas, was about the main character who is a makeup artist and she want be model. But she is denied the chance because she’s from a poor family. But her company is bought by a billionaire who gives her the opportunity to become one.

Things I’m trying to avoid is two love interest…since I’m still new to the whole writing and coding thing… And I think that’s it.

Thing I would include: Mean girls, but they won’t be the center of the story… :grinning:

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Well, I think it’s a good idea, and there’s a good conflict to insert into the story: Maybe MC doesn’t want to become successful because of a billionaire’s help. She wants to make it on her own - but she might not make it because of her social class. That’s good, I think. However, if you want it to be a romance too, you should add a conflict which prevents the couple from being together at start, and I can’t think of one in this scenario, or at least with the details you gave. Hope I helped :slight_smile:

conflict is a good. I kind of decided that the billionaire was once married but his wife died. So he isn’t really interested in love at the moment.

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And your idea is great by the way…Thank you for the idea :grin:

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Of course! <3

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That sound amazing write more

Thank you :grin:

As long as you try, it will always be good enough.

That sounds good.

Thank you, I started writing the first chapter :grin:

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