I have a story but no name!

Hi need help with a story name for a brand new story I’m working on. Usually I have no trouble coming up with story titles but this one seems to be giving me trouble. I think the problem is either the title has been used already or it’s a cliche name like unmarried and pregnant for example. The plot of the story is-

Tania thought being pregnant out of wedlock and being sent to a school for unmarried young mothers was her worst nightmare. That is until she met Jackson.

The story is set in 1885 and is basically as the blurb states about a young girl who gets married out of wedlock which was frowned greatly upon, she gets sent away and meets Jackson - the son of the headmistress of the school. And falls in love with him. Its forbidden to date him, making it a nightmare.

So if anyone has any story name ideas they’d be really appreciated.

Angela B x:yellow_heart:

  • A Forbidden Nightmare

  • A Young Forbidden Love

  • A Forbidden Love

  • Him & I

  • Jackson & I

  • Nightmare’s Tale

  • Tania & Jackson

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Thank you so much, I like these a lot x

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Np. :grin:

How about Forbidden Miracle?


This is so good and unique! And it fits perfectly! You’re a genius my dude.

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I love that one! Thank you so much x

You can name the story Prohibited


Laced dreams (idk)
Blind Love
My Burning Pleasure
You probably already picked a name but maybe this can help for your next stories. (sorry I suck at name picking)


Unwedded :v:t3:

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Spent Spinster

The Spinsters Web

Also… any of these thirteen terms in this article would make an EXCELLENT title!

“Wearing The Bustle Wrong” or “Backward Bustles” (would be another great way to rephrase the term)

Rusted Tin Roofs

etc… (refer to article)

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Thank you so much! These are so helpful x

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I like it! Thank you x

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These are amazing, thank you x

Love it, thank you so much! x

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