I have a story idea, need advice! (Please comment)

My story idea
(Will use Grammarly for extremely polished grammar)

It’s modern times, a travel agency (Or so it appears) has put out an ad that the Mc discovers whilst searchingfor Jobs hiring (to pay for college) the ad is offering 30k to any volunteers willing to test their experimental transportation services.

The mc answers the ad, to discover it’s Not a travel agency, it’s actually a scientific experimentation laboratory. The experiment : time travel.

The mc each chapter (after the first) will get to pick which time period or era they want to visit.

Choices would like

-1930s. The Great Depression.
-1700s. The American revolution.
-1300s. The Black Plague.

Further choices would be time accurate outfit choices to blend in.

And also if they would like to play through the eyes of a normal every day joe. A famous/ important person.

They are then given a identity. Some supplies and a task. Must report back In 3 days, by 11:59 pm. Or risk unforeseen consequences Such as being stuck in that time period forever, being erased from existence all together, or return home. It’s unknown what possibility awaits them. She/he returns to modern times after each trip and gets to choose again what time period she/he wants to visit.

(Possible story line) SPOLIER

One of the biggest mystery’s the mc faces is running into the same person (love interest) in each Era. To the mc this person will seem familiar, Becoming more obvious to both characters as the story continues that are in fact reincarnated soul mates. The mc will ultimately have to decide to either return to modern times (where the love interest has no yet been discovered by the mc and may not exist, or remain in the original time period she first met them. The details aren’t fully sorted


There’s no love interest, it’s simply a game of experiencing what life was like in those eras.


The mc could change the very fabric of time, creating a ripple effect and altering the course of history.


You tell me what you think a fun story line would be.


I feel like you could somehow combine first and third storyline together as well as the second and third one.

You could have the MC change history so much that it alters history and creates a potential paradox that allows for the love interest to recognize the MC over the course of the story.


Okay okay, I’m feeling it. Throw some ideas at me that combine that. I’ll credit you in my story

You could have the love interest be connected to the experiments in the way. If you’re going for the more realistic option, you could have the LI be a scientist in the experiments whose either adamant about using time travel or have them be a person who views time travel as dangerous.

If you go with the LI advocating, they might time travel themselves and find it to be useful for learning about the past. If you go for the LI being against it, then you could have them try to sabotage it. That could be how they end up in the past. The MC and the LI wouldn’t have any sort of interactions until after they time travels. If you don’t like that route, you could have the LI meet the MC, but they might overlook the interaction.

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I’d say the black plague or the revolution because episode doesn’t have any 1930s clothes lol


Or you could have it that the MC is teleported between two timelines and has to save the future or something because both passed connect to the future if that makes any sense

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I’m very good at mixing and matching to create whatever look I need lol watch I’ll go create one real quick and show you


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Bam. Bonnie Parker. (Bonnie and Clyde)

In my opinion, I would do a mix of the first and last options for example This text will be blurred if meeting this love interest could alter the time periods in a way. Like MC meets the love interest during the time of the Great Depression and for some reason, once they complete their task they accidentally take some object from that time period and the future has been changed and the only way to unchange it is to go back in the past with the love interest and track down where the object or thing has to go.

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