I have a strange problem!


My MC has blue eyes as i desined it, but for someone else to take a photo i changed it in black.
No i changed it in blue again but it stays black i did a reset story progres and an update but it will not change, so i did a change on an other charachter and that worked well???

Can someone tell me what is going on here?



A screenshot? Are you on the Portal?


Yes so i can’t take a screenshot because if i take a screenshot you see really that here eyes are marked blue.
I want them really blue not dark.


So, let me get this straight-your MC had blue eyes, you went to characters, changed her eye color to black, saved, and after someone took a photo of the MC, you changed their eye color to blue on characters and saved that, right?
And in your script, it’s showing up as black, right?
Try re-setting your story progress and can also write:
@MC changes eyesColor into Blue
in your script (I’m assuming you’re working with ink)


I did a story reset progress and i also changed the color off eyes of another character to check and that worked but i can’t write every scene change for my whole story changes eye color in blue… that is too difficult, i just want to know why it is not working with her. @Dara.Amarie or @Apes do you know why it is?


You only need to write @MC changes eyesColor into Blue for their eyes to stay blue for the rest of the story.


Also, If the MC can be customized, they can have any eye color the reader chooses, provided you give them options.

However, if they cannot be customized, and their eye color is blue, but you changed it to black and that’s what is showing up in the script and even though you change it back to blue, black is still appearing-that’s what you see, however, since her eye color is blue and you saved that and published it, your readers will see the MC with blue eyes, not black, but adding that change in your script is a good idea.

P.S I would write: @MC changes eyesColor into Blue : )

Hope what I’m saying makes sense :sweat_smile:


And someone is going to rape the mc and in my portal he is normal and in the end of the fight i changed him in cade (bruised) and in my episode he is bruised from the beginning and in my portal on preview not, I really don’t get this, if people will read this they will be really confused. Maybe it is because I just can’t really read my story and with other people it is normal i don’t know to know that i would have a proofreader until chapter 4 because the problem with the man is at the end of chapter .
the color of the eyes you would see on chapter 1


So…you want him to go back to his regular face? :thinking:


Let’s say the guy’s face is Diamond shape to begin with:
So, during the fight he gets injured and you would write:
@EVIL GUY changes face into Cade Bruised

However, after his injury heals, you would revert back to his normal face shape in the script by writing:
@EVIL GUY changes face into Diamond

*EVIL GUY is just an example I used-can be any character name. And the face shape doesn’t have to be Diamond-it can be any face shape you choose ^^

Also, previewing on the portal and on mobile is pretty different-as decisions on the mobile and things that you change can carry over. You can reset story progress to test different paths.
However, on Portal, this is not the case, I believe : )


No in the beginning he has to be regular and at the end he has to have bruises and when i previeuw it in my writing portal it is good. But not in my phone or tablet when i reed my story.


He stayes bruised because he does not chow up in the whole story anymore.


And in my portal she has blue eyes everything is fine there.


Maybe reset your story progress? :thinking:


I have already done that 5 times. I am doing a giveaway on instagram so i am revamping because all they need to do is read 5 chapters of my story so i want it perfect, so i thougt i am going to read it myself and then i saw that it was not the same on my phone then in my writers portal.


Can’t someone read 3 chapters to see if it goes wrong with you too?


So, basically, when you preview on your phone, The MC’s eyes are NOT blue and the guy’s face isn’t showing up bruised, right? These are the 2 errors you are getting?


No it is showing before there was even a fight.


Sorry, am a bit confused by this…:sweat_smile:

So what exactly is going wrong? :thinking:


The eyes of my MC are black and the rapper at episode 3 is already bruised before the fight begines