I have a suggestion!

I want to write a story, but I must do it on my phone. It’s very complicated for me to write it via browser, so maybe we could have a In app writer portal? I know Episode deleted the option to create stories in app, but i think it would be a much easier way? Is there a chance for Episode to add Writer Portal to app again?:thinking:


I think that’s a good suggestion. There is actually a way to access the writers portal on your phone. You can just type in Episode Interactive and it should take you to the portal when you sign in.


Yeah yeah i know! It’s just lagging a lot…

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It lags for me too.

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I’ve moved this thread to Episode Fan Community since it’s related to Episode. I’d suggest checking out the thread FEATURE: Episode Portal for mobile! 📱 since it’s a request similar to what you’re suggesting.

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