I have a "warning" problem with character enters

I tried to re-type my characters enters and I keeping checking if I spell my directing right but every time I tried it keeps saying warning and I just don’t get it… can anyone please help me. :sweat:

Here's the screenshot of the problem.


The problem is with @NICHOLAS and @JOHN

Change the positions and see if that fixes it. :thinking:

Btw you better fix that @ thing, it might cause confusion

I tried that and it still didn’t work… :sweat_smile:

What zone are you currently in? As if you are in zone 1 you would just have your character in a certain spot instead of making them enter.

In zone 3.

Let me script test it in my own story to see what the problem is.

Try instead of using the & symbol use @ idk if that’s the problem or not.

I did that and it didn’t work…

Also if you’re already in zone 3 you shouldn’t have to add zone 3. Plus idk if you can add s time or not.

I think you need to do this,
&NICHOLAS enters from right to screen back left in zone 3 in 4
@ JOHN enters from right to screen back right in zone 3 in 4

I don’t usually use the enter format, but it could also be back screen if screen back is giving you an error :relaxed:

Let me try that. :thinking:

@Jadlyss I don’t believe that’s the problem, they said they changed the positions and nothing happened sooo :confused:

@Avis Have you tried removing the zone 3? If the camera is on zone 3, the script will have a meltdown if you say for your characters to go to ____ in zone 3. Idk why, it just does that.

Ah! I’ve think I got it lol…

&NICHOLAS enters from right to upscreen left in zone 3 in 4
@ JOHN enters from right to upscreen right in zone 3 in 4

But the zone may not have to be specified :slight_smile:

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@Lissiebeth11 and @StoryWriter10 you were right I didn’t need to put zone 3 in the positions.

Glad you got it fixed!

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Great! Glad to be of help! @Avis

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Thank you guys for your help! You guys are life savers!!! :sob:


No problemo!

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You help us, we help you- it’s how this forum works.

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