I have a wee problem besties

I have a plan for an episode of my story, but as i’m writing i’m quickly realising its far too long. But if i split it into 2 parts they’ll be too short. If I cut it off at a different point its gonna mess up the timeline of my episodes so idk what i can do. Anyone have any ideas?

Alright so you have 2 basic options here:

  1. You cut down on some of the dialogue and narration for what you have to make it shorter. Make sure your transitions aren’t longer than a second, characters aren’t taking 5 seconds to walk everywhere, etc.

  2. You figure out where you need to split the episode into 2 and then add on some dialogue and narration where you think it could work, add an extra scene or 2, etc.

Also, how long are we talking? Because cutting a 14 minute episode down into 2 7 minute episodes isn’t a bad thing, for example.


How long is it, did you take time for reading?

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