I have a writing issue

Hi . Can you help me with this , I don t know what to do .

Before @add pro do @ JOHN is mortified

You added a prop in a line where the code expects dialogue. You should only use the 2 tabs + NAME (action) in the case of dialogue in the next line. If you want a character to perform an action without dialogue, you should use @CHARACTER is ACTION. You seem to be doing this quite a bit. Once you fix this, the prop should work.

now this happened , what should I do ?

When you have a character just doing an action without dialogue you do @CHARACTER is action

You don’t add the brackets around the action and you use is to describe what the character is doing

so you would use

@PILAR is shoot_loop

@JOHN is faint

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Thanks i got it . Can you help me with something else ?

What do you need help with? I can try.

what should i do ?

Alright, in this case you don’t have to put the is or the @ , as there is dialogue

So, try

PILAR (walk_talk_phone)
Boss, the job is done.

thank you it worked , but if I m not bothering you , can you help me with some tips about the characters moving ?

Yes, I can sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner I had to go somewhere