I have a writing problem


do you know how i can solve this ?


Hmm…I can’t really see it, could you send it again?


This is very unclear.

But if I’m right you should do this in the last line:

@PILAR is shoot_loop


I believe they wrote something like this:
PILAR (talk_arms_crossed)
My name is Pilar Scott.
I am 22 years old and I’m a gang leader.
After my parents were murdered, I took over my father’s gang.

@add Handgun to PILAR
PILAR (draw_gun)
PILAR: the Blood Feather Triad says Hi
PILAR (shoot_loop)

And I hope all the errors were fixed :wink:


@Alex_98 thank you
@JemU776 thank you


@JemU776 i did like u said but it says that i need to make sure that i have dialogue after a character name . what should I do ?
sorry for bothering you , I am new and I have no idea what to do.