I have an awesome trick that everyones has been waiting for and will get you more reads

So, I know that in almost every story, The main characters are girls. But some Episodians are also boys. SO. I thought of a cool way to make the main characters gender optional! In one of Joseph Evans “Limelight tutorials”, He show how to choose your love interest (whether you like boys or girls). Here’s the link if you wanna check it out (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eMTB8_gEEhY&t=248s).

  • In this tutorial, you make the 2 choices labeled something like “I like guys” and “I like girls” Then you add each to the coordinating choices, gain interest_in_girls and for boys just swap out the girl to be, gain interest_in_guys. I don’t think this script code is optional to change (namewise)

  • Lets say I chose “I like boys” and the male love interest is named Ron, Then In every scene that my love interest is in, I would write
    if (interested_in_guys){
    Ron enters etc
    elif (interested_in_girls){
    (name of girl) enters etc (no elif is not a type-o)

Final Step, I bet your happy it’s finally almost done

  • To make the main characters gender optional just do the earlier steps twice and first time make it your love interest and second make your main character. This will make your love interest optional and your main characters gender optional. If you want to make character customization and need help just watch this tutorial by Joseph Evans


Choose love interest:

I hope you liked this idea. It took forever to write lol. I have not tried this but It is sure to work because It is using the same coding as episode’s (I am too lazy to make two different main characters (boy and girl) Bc its is * So HaRd lol *. Tell me if you like this idea and if you will try this. I worked really hard to make this method so everyone can be more themselves and wont have to play as a girl for the only choice everyone gets. If you have questions lmk I will respond asap.


For my upcoming story, readers can choose their gender and also their LI gender. So the story will have 4 branches.

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yay awesome

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Also check out @Dara.Amarie she has AMAZING templates for gender options, whether you want to let the reader choose their own gender or their love interest gender

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Ok thanks so much

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