I have an error for a template


I’m trying to make my own hair template… but I got this error

Also I wanted to know how to go back to all the options so they can click yes or no


I also have this

How do I solve those issues and add yes or no to the others?


As well as in front of the < GREEN > & < PREMIUM >
You placed } that shouldn’t belong there.
Here is an example.
“Long Curly Hair”{
@YOU changes into Long Curly Hair
< PREMIUM >“Back to Styles”{
goto fem_hair1
< GREEN >“Change Color”{
goto fem_haircolor1

So basically, you cannot put the { or }
In front of, < GREEN > or < PREMIUM >.


Note that I had to put a space between the < and the color name.
Otherwise, my text wouldn’t appear in my reply.


In your first screenshot, i’m not sure if this will make a difference but spacing out choice, from the style
for example
choice “High Ponytail”
“High Ponytail”


Now i have this


Under back to styles, you have
goto hairCurled1
which doesn’t have a choice, nor a {.



What I was trying to say is that, I don’t think you need the gotohaircurled1 there.
I’m not an expert at template coding, but give this a try.

Basically, you repeated the “Back to styles” & Change color" choice.


It worked!!! Thank you!


:blush: Glad to help!


Sorry to bother you again :sweat_smile:
Do you know how to fix this

Its in my other chapter
(Also do you know how to add other options like when they click on the ponytail it puts a ponytail but it won’t let them go back to the other options do you know how to do that if not its fine :grin:


If you’re trying to edit my template to make your own, it would have been best to ask on my limited customization thread. I orginazied my templates in a very specific order and if anyone tries to move and delete stuff around then everything gets really messed up and way out of order. I have a hair and lip template in my profile link and all you gotta do is just delete the lip sections.




Alright, so to address your first question. On line 44 you have a } that should just be deleted.
And, as for your other question what you can do is create a label
YOU (strike_a_pose)
(Pick a hair style for me!)
label hair_style
“High Ponytail”{
@YOU changes into High Ponytail
goto hair_style
(here you basically go on with the rest of the hairstyles)

But at the end of the hair styles you want to give your reader the choice to finish off with the style.
This is when you could add this choice
< PREMIUM >“Done”{
goto hair_done

label hair_done
@add Hair Brush to YOU
@YOU is primp_brush_hair
@remove Hair Brush from YOU
YOU (flirt_wink_forward)
(You made me look good)
(I’m adding this dialogue because, it’s what your screenshot says)

Then basically, the rest of the story would go along as you wish.


Thank you!!!


Also I am trying to add a prop I have done it many times but its not working at the moment I don’t have any errors…
@CHARACTER stands screen right and CHARACTER faces left
@add Coffee Cup to CHARACTER
@pause for 5
@CHARACTER is action
Then I put some words ect

The coffee cup wont show up


Can you show me a picture of the script? Maybe I can help!


I figured it out Thanks though!!! :grin:


@Sydney_H please close issue has been solved :grin: