I have an error, please help!

Tehy might think IDC is a name since it is all uppercase so maybe make i lowercase

I changed that but didn’t work. It says that the outfits do not exist but they do

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Did you spell ghe outfit correctly?

They are :,(

Try taking a photo of where the error is, IDC is just a spelling mistake and you can just write instead “I don’t care”.

Check if you’ve saved it again because the outfits should turn purple when you write them.

They are

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Do you have those labels later on in your script?

After Camila blancket
Write here

Like this?
Sorry, I’m new to this :joy:

Yes,did this help?

It still says that the clothing was never created?

Are you sure you saved those outfit maybe you made them but didn’t save,try to look at right sode of the screen there should be >Outfits so you can check did you save them :slight_smile:

Just and FYI, you can write the next option on the same line as the ending bracket the way she had it.

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Yes,but It’s more “clear” when everything is in order

And that way you can easier spot the error

Yea, they are saved. Idk what is wrong with it