I have an idea for a story closed!

Hello, so I have a new idea for a story that I think would make a good story, I have a story I already started but I want to delete it and start a new one, I would love someone who can be a partner with me and speaks fluent english because I dont and I have a lot of grammar mistake and someone who can bring new ideas and new tricks, the story of course will be from both of us :slight_smile: thank you for all the helpers if someone has an experience that’s great.if someone is interested send me a message and I’ll tell you about my idea

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I would be interested.
I’m not speaking fluent english but I would say my english is good enough :slight_smile:

If you also need someone else, I would be interested, and I speak fluent English

Hello I speak fluent English as it is my first language and I would love to help you.