I Have An Idea For Promoting Stories (NO GHOSTING)

Well, just to play devil’s advocate here, you never said they had to. You said people should put “fellow writer’s stories on the list our fans can see” then ended your post with “Anyone who leaves their story name will be on my list!”. You never stated they had to leave their name and add your story to their list as well.

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Sorry for the miscommunication that is what I meant

What list?

Official Playlist is such a smart idea.

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You know the one below the stories that you would write well that’s the list


You mean the recommendations?

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I’m thinking it’s the list you can add stories to on your episode profile page in the app.


Oh I see. lol well I just followed you back girlllll can’t believe I never thought to add you :sob:

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Haha😂 Thanks for reading! You know, I am totally rebooting my story. I changed alot, by exemple, Dandeleon actually looks like a flower theme lion now. It won’t be updated till a month later or so, but I really like your intrest in my story. I will rwad your story too, and follow you too. May I have your instagram too? (If you have one)

No worries, I’m on my profile page so sporadically that I usually add people/stories that I’m thinking about at that moment. :rofl:

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Mine are: Assassins and The Princess Of Fiore

Author name is inkkee

The Assassins one might be harder to find, there’s a alot more stories with the word assassin in them sooo, idk.


I actually don’t have one, it got way too stressful to manage the last time I tried writing.

Oh okayy, any other social media tho? Or just nothing?

Nothing, sorry :disappointed:

Oh. That’s fine. Btw, your story so far seems great. A lot of effort on making it look professional, legit, good.

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I know. It’s so hard to pick a struggle :rofl::sob:

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Found it