I have an issue! HELP ME ASAP PLZ

Helloo episodian!!
I am having a little issue here…I hope you can help me…I am publishing my story Keep Fighting on X-MAS but I’ll have the chapter 2 & 3 locked so readers can’t read it yet but how will I be able to review them when I’ll be ready to publish them?
If I lock the first character when I want to review the second will I be able to review it without the readers reading it?
If that doesn’t work then could you tell me how to review an episode while you don’t want the readers to read it?
Katan :kissing_heart:

Well it’s pretty simple. On your app you have the option to navigate through the story which the readers obviously don’t have. So given that the ‘lock’ is in the first scene, you click on ‘Navigation’ and then ‘Scenes’ - this way you can jump to any scene you want.
Hope this helps! :tulip:

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OMG Thank you so so much!!

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